Home Automation


Serving in South Florida, Inteliving LLC is a full-time commercial and residential custom electronics architecture and integration company. The smart home solutions we offer make your home fun, safe, stylish, and easy to use. Through technology developed environments for customers and employees, business productivity can increase. Comprising of reputable professionals, our number one priority is to bring the best services and products to our clients.

By only using a decent and user-friendly device, you and your loved ones have the power to operate the shades, thermostats, media, lights, and more.

Smart video and audio management throughout your home or facility with simple controls from a keypad, touch panel, or tablet. Integrated systems for video, lights, music, security and climate have become smarter, which enables you to easily manage them from smartphones, tablets, and keypads.

With just a single button, you’ll be able to easily listen to your favorite songs anywhere around your house. You also have the ability to set the shades and lights to make ambiance for entertainment in your living and kitchen area.

You can access and view cameras, set the level of the temperature, and even unlock your door from your smartphone while you are not at home. Intelligent home technology brings comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

With lighting control, you can set the mood of any place of your home to fit the occasion. Whether you are dining or watching a television, a single press of a button can develop an ideal atmosphere you desire.

Intelligent lighting control also keeps your environment safe as it is connected to the security system, which automatically powers the lights on if any unwanted activity is recognized.

Saving energy, increasing your comfort, and protecting interiors are possible with automated window treatments. You can effortlessly change the amount of light in your home. It also helps enhance privacy while providing UV protection, and as well help reduce solar heat gain. Changing daytime into nighttime will let you have the restful sleep you deserve with only a simple push of a button.

Conveniently access your music libraries and listen to music anywhere around your home through the house audio systems. Controlling the music is intuitive and simple by means of a keypad, touch panel, tablet, or any Wi-Fi smart device. Whether you want to place the speakers in the ceiling, walls, shower, pool, or bookshelves, they can perfectly blend in to decrease visual impact. Being out of wires is never a problem. We bring wireless speaker solutions into your home, which lets you enjoy your favorite music anywhere you want.

Your family needs a secure and safe home that can adapt to the lifestyle you have and update you about the events you care about. Our smart security systems let you view streaming video from integrated security cameras right directly on your smartphone or tablet.

You’ll have the capability to see who is at the door by using the touchscreen as a video intercom systems. While you are not at home, disconnect alarm systems to let your guests in, then reactivate it back once they leave. When the alarm is activated, the lights will automatically turn on once it detects an intrusion.

Service sets each of us apart. Experience the finest service starting from conception through finalization and continuing support.